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Plucked up the courage to apply for a new job?
Missed out on a job because “you just didn’t interview that well?”
Have to deliver a presentation and convince them you’re a natural?
Think you’re a good conversationalist but forget to listen?
Coaching individuals but need them to work as a team?
Curious to learn and practice networking skills?

The Confidence Company – Creating Connections

At The Confidence Company, we strive to help you to connect with yourself and others.

We believe each individual has unique strengths and we will work with you to identify these so that you:

- can be that person who can walk in to a room and connect with anyone

- deliver a presentation with a relaxed yet convincing manner

- and bring a group of individuals together as a successful team.

This is achieved through offering a helping hand for you to be full of the right sort of confidence.

We offer customised programs for individuals and groups (including school holiday programs) on public speaking, job application and interview preparation, speech writing, customer service and networking.