Terrified at the prospect of a job hunting but desperately wanting to make a change, I turned to Kate.  Generosity is Kate’s trademark. In only way she knows how, Kate was more than willing to assist.

Kate helped me craft a memorable cover letter which landed me an interview.  We practised interview questions and techniques.  I was armed with an ammunition of tips, advice and questions of my own to throw at prospective employers. 

My anxiety was eased and replaced by a calmness that was empowering. I walked away feeling excited about the opportunity to present myself to an interviewing panel. The day following the interview, I was offered the job!

I believe Kate’s real value lies in the manner in which she offers her service.  She’s personable. She listens. She’s highly intelligent. She knows people. Above all else, she actually cares.


Kate is one of those rare individuals who is able to connect with people of any age. She is incredibly patient, listens intently, provides actionable insight and, most importantly, she genuinely cares!
Kate has been working with my teenage son, (so her patience will come in handy) helping him with his confidence and communication skills.
He loves his time with Kate and always comes away feeling alive, valued and motivated.
Love your work Kate.


As a communicator, Kate has the wow factor! Her communication style is compelling, influential and insightful. As a presenter and facilitator, Kate is a compelling communicator. She has an uncanny ability to connect with any audience through vivid stories and analogies that bring key messages to life.

Kate communicates with influence. As a coach and mentor, Kate builds an individual’s confidence always helping people feel valued while guiding them to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Over the seven years that I have worked with Kate, I have observed that she is the first person that colleagues turn to for support when they are facing a career challenge, an interview or looking for a referee.

Kate’s communication is insightful. She intuitively knows the right questions to ask which allows individuals to have ownership over their decision making and actions. With a personality that is warm and so engaging, Kate achieves maximum impact as she purposefully connects with every participant.


My thoughts were scrambled, I hadn’t applied for a job in years and I simply didn’t have the know-how to ‘sell myself’. Then Kate worked with me to set a prioritised goal list with achievable tasks, armed me with some insightful and clever questions to ask the prospective employer and helped me to connect with myself. It’s fair to say I actually don’t mind attending job interviews as I now value myself and have had some great practice with Kate.


The 300-strong crowd was seated and waiting. They weren’t waiting for me exactly, but I had to introduce the shin dig. (Insert nerves, sweats, shakes, increased heart rate etc, here). In short, I didn’t think I could possibly get through the five minute spiel. So, in my moment of panic I rang Kate who calmed me down and coached me through. With her help I got up there and did it! Kate followed up the next day to see how I went which I really appreciated. Thank you so much Kate, I couldn’t have done it without you.


Kate has an amazing ability to engage every person in the workshop from an Olympian to a rising star athlete and ensure each person comes away with a positive and individually tailored learning experience.

She is able to adapt the learning program and delivery to suit the audience on the day, and ensure she is not only delivering the learning objectives required by the organisation but she’s also meeting the learning needs of the participants.

The mentoring program ran for 7 consecutive years and Kate was a favourite facilitator each year.