Corporate: creating a connected and confident workplace

Looking for tips and tricks to ensure your audience is engaged and the workshop leads to action?

Needing your workshops to be engaging and action oriented?

People in your team needing some public speaking coaching?

Looking for customer service training?

Are your trainers in need of advice of how to engage their audience?

We offer personalised 1:1 tuition and workshops focusing on communication, audience engagement and public speaking.

Presentation Training: From 1:1 sessions to group workshops focusing on customer service. The customised programs are for team members who need to build confidence when delivering a training session; delivering a visitor experience or pitching a new idea. The fundamentals of communication, knowing your audience and content tips are covered.

Speech writing:  from weddings, parties to a business pitch. We will ensure you’re comfortable with the content and style and that the audience will be happy with the length!

Facilitator: Kate Kroeger, the Founder of The Confidence Company is available to facilitate or emcee your event.

*Please note we can tailor times and content to suit your needs



Contact Details:

At The Confidence Company we aim to provide an individualised program therefore welcome an enquiry by phone or email.