International Women’s Day

The Confidence Company at International Women's Day

Marking International Women’s Day on March the 8th, The Confidence Company joined four other remarkable women at Australia Post Small Business Hive to tell stories.

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Like any good story, the night began with an INTRODUCTION:



The hum of an expectant crowd.

An audience composed of excited women.

The FIRST CHAPTER belonged to Janina Lear; the creative force behind Piccadilly Market.


Her flare for all things arts and craft was evident from a young age.  Surreptitiously selling toffee to school mates at primary school, she delved early in entrepreneurship.

In the face of financial and personal difficulties, founding Picadilly Market was a huge risk. Years on, thousands of stalls later and growing each year, Janina’s vision is a reality.

See more of her work here!

The Confidence Company was CHAPTER TWO.

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At home in front of an audience, Kate was in her element.  With an innate calling to teach and a burning desire to empower others, the idea for an outdoor children’s camp in Geelong was born.

Setbacks and challenges saw this idea moulded, refined and shaped into what would eventually become The Confidence Company.

For Kate, the work she enjoys now is brimming with many powerful moments:

  • A young school captain delivering a successful speech
  • A nervous job seeker transformed into calm interviewee
  • A usually reserved student becoming an outspoken contributor

Kate's passion is tangible.

There are exciting times ahead for The Confidence Company!

Alicia Kennedy from Cherished Pets humbly stole the limelight for CHAPTER THREE 

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A veterinarian who understands the value of a furry friend.

Alicia authored a book on pets that flopped. Unsold copies fill her home. The content is outdated.

Undeterred, she set her sights on her next venture. Wanting to combat loneliness among our elderly, Cherished Pets was created.

Among a range of services, the business provides our ageing citizens with a best mate. A friend. A companion.

A beautiful sentiment.

Click to discover more about Cherished Pets!


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As a high-schooler, Kate was told, “you're really not very good at design and you definitely should not pursue it as a career.”

Had she listened she would have avoided years of study, job loss, the collapse of a business, financial blunders, stress, pain and difficulty.

However, had she listened, D and Co Studio would not exist.

Kate has proven to be an incredulous force.

Her work is showcased by brands such as Coulter Roache, NDIS, FairFax Media and the Australian Government.

Wow! See more of Kate and her team here.

Lee Doherty and Admin & Co brings us to CHAPTER FIVE

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Hitting an all time low as a result of work stress, Lee found herself questioning; “what next?”

The development of Admin & Co didn’t occur without learning a few tough lessons.

Through self care and a healthy work-life balance, Lee now achieves more than ever.

Her experience, work ethic and commitment sets her apart.

Her skills to enable her clients (including The Confidence Company) to focus on doing what they’re good at, while Lee does what she’s good at.

We can testify to this!

Admin & Co home page

The finale: Our story CONCLUDES

There were commonalities among these ladies:

They were all women of calibre.

Women with grace. A strong sense of their place in the world.

They've all failed.

Failed miserably at times. Sometimes many times over.

Passion and vision prevailed.

Resilience ensued.

Through it all, they retained a sense of humour.

Success came as a result of hard work.

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The night concluded with a Q&A from the panel.

Authorities on their areas of interest but now also in the small business scene, they answered all questions thrown their way.

The event was a CELEBRATION. Celebrating women who have dared to allow themselves to dream. Who have taken risks and backed their visions wholeheartedly.

The Confidence Company was honoured to be involved in such an incredible event!