Lions Club Youth of the Year Region Final


The future of the Geelong region is very bright as the leadership, confidence and community mindedness was oozing as three contestants vied for the title of Lions Club Youth of the Year, Region Final.

What a privilege it was to be asked to be on the judging panel in Geelong on Tuesday 5th March. The three contestants participated in a thirty-minute interview with the panel of three judges, presented a 2-minute response to two impromptu questions and then wowed the audience with a five-minute prepared speech.

What impressed me most was the depth of connection with themselves that each participant showed as they considered each question and prepared answers focusing on demonstrating their broad links with community.

Each participant shared an insight of what it takes to be a contemporary student, volunteer, sportsperson, academic, leader and each possesses a sense of confidence that they can achieve what they set their minds to.

The Lions Club is to be commended for supporting young people to flourish and to experience the art of interviewing, presenting and spotlighting the richness of local young people.



The Confidence Company at Little River Primary School


The Confidence Company visited Little River Primary School today.

Communication, leadership, confidence, teamwork and resilience were on the agenda!

We observed a wide range of differing learning styles with students identifying as either visual learners, auditory learners or kinaesthetic learners. 

55 VERY willing and enthusiastic grade 4,5 and 6's took part in a 3 part workshop which involved the following activities:

  1. Building a spaghetti and marshmallow tower 
  2. Using problem-solving to solve a treasure hunt around the school 
  3. Working as a team to create a structure which would protect a raw egg being dropped from a height

Lots of laughs were had as students raced around different parts of the school collecting and interpreting clues with Leader Scott.  

Kate observed many acts of creativity as marshmallow towers climbed high into the sky, often teetering precariously.  

In order to protect their raw eggs, students displayed some incredible acts of teamwork. They all put their heads together with the help of Leader Allira and developed some genius ideas and which turned into many interesting structures.

Throughout the day, we all employed a growth mindset and exhibited many incredible strengths and skills.


Love of learning


Active listening





Social intelligence



AND especially


It was a very successful day! Thanks to everyone involved. We love your zest, enthusiastic and willingness to take part. 

The Confidence Company at Geelong’s Marketing Circle


The Confidence Company is privileged to be associated with Geelong's Marketing Circle; the first of it's kind in Geelong!


Business owners learn tips and tricks to maximise their impact.

Kate delivered a presentation which detailed ways to engage your audience, and deliver a presentation calmly and confidently.

Thanks to all who were involved!

The Confidence Company at Deakin University


This week The Confidence Company delivered a workshop at Deakin University to 34 aspiring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) students.

The workshop centred around:

- resume building

- interview tips and techniques

- employing skills to enhance confidence

 We commend the students, who had travelled from all areas of Victoria, for their willingness to be involved.  All were receptive and engaged.

2018 Geelong Small Business Awards


The Confidence Company is thrilled to have been nominated for:

The 2018 Geelong Small Business Awards

and would very much appreciate 



We've been nominated for the categories of:





This means we've been recognised as a small business making a significant impact in the Geelong region.

The GBSA are awarded based on attributes such as:

contribution to community, innovation and collaboration.


Thank you to all who have supported us on our journey so far.

We’re proud to be part of Geelong’s supportive small business community and an event that’s encouraging it to thrive!


To vote...


1. Click on the link below

2. Fill out the form

3. Nominate The Confidence Company


International Women’s Day

The Confidence Company at International Women's Day

Marking International Women’s Day on March the 8th, The Confidence Company joined four other remarkable women at Australia Post Small Business Hive to tell stories.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 7.37.49 pm.png

Like any good story, the night began with an INTRODUCTION:



The hum of an expectant crowd.

An audience composed of excited women.

The FIRST CHAPTER belonged to Janina Lear; the creative force behind Piccadilly Market.


Her flare for all things arts and craft was evident from a young age.  Surreptitiously selling toffee to school mates at primary school, she delved early in entrepreneurship.

In the face of financial and personal difficulties, founding Picadilly Market was a huge risk. Years on, thousands of stalls later and growing each year, Janina’s vision is a reality.

See more of her work here!

The Confidence Company was CHAPTER TWO.

Screen Shot 2018-03-17 at 10.05.40 am

At home in front of an audience, Kate was in her element.  With an innate calling to teach and a burning desire to empower others, the idea for an outdoor children’s camp in Geelong was born.

Setbacks and challenges saw this idea moulded, refined and shaped into what would eventually become The Confidence Company.

For Kate, the work she enjoys now is brimming with many powerful moments:

  • A young school captain delivering a successful speech
  • A nervous job seeker transformed into calm interviewee
  • A usually reserved student becoming an outspoken contributor

Kate's passion is tangible.

There are exciting times ahead for The Confidence Company!

Alicia Kennedy from Cherished Pets humbly stole the limelight for CHAPTER THREE 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.19.43 pm

A veterinarian who understands the value of a furry friend.

Alicia authored a book on pets that flopped. Unsold copies fill her home. The content is outdated.

Undeterred, she set her sights on her next venture. Wanting to combat loneliness among our elderly, Cherished Pets was created.

Among a range of services, the business provides our ageing citizens with a best mate. A friend. A companion.

A beautiful sentiment.

Click to discover more about Cherished Pets!


Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 6.06.06 pm

As a high-schooler, Kate was told, “you're really not very good at design and you definitely should not pursue it as a career.”

Had she listened she would have avoided years of study, job loss, the collapse of a business, financial blunders, stress, pain and difficulty.

However, had she listened, D and Co Studio would not exist.

Kate has proven to be an incredulous force.

Her work is showcased by brands such as Coulter Roache, NDIS, FairFax Media and the Australian Government.

Wow! See more of Kate and her team here.

Lee Doherty and Admin & Co brings us to CHAPTER FIVE

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 5.17.42 pm.png

Hitting an all time low as a result of work stress, Lee found herself questioning; “what next?”

The development of Admin & Co didn’t occur without learning a few tough lessons.

Through self care and a healthy work-life balance, Lee now achieves more than ever.

Her experience, work ethic and commitment sets her apart.

Her skills to enable her clients (including The Confidence Company) to focus on doing what they’re good at, while Lee does what she’s good at.

We can testify to this!

Admin & Co home page

The finale: Our story CONCLUDES

There were commonalities among these ladies:

They were all women of calibre.

Women with grace. A strong sense of their place in the world.

They've all failed.

Failed miserably at times. Sometimes many times over.

Passion and vision prevailed.

Resilience ensued.

Through it all, they retained a sense of humour.

Success came as a result of hard work.

28276587_1901012399941138_831049872542565773_n (1).jpg

The night concluded with a Q&A from the panel.

Authorities on their areas of interest but now also in the small business scene, they answered all questions thrown their way.

The event was a CELEBRATION. Celebrating women who have dared to allow themselves to dream. Who have taken risks and backed their visions wholeheartedly.

The Confidence Company was honoured to be involved in such an incredible event!

3 Tips To Get More Student Confidence In Your Classroom

1. Praise EFFORT rather than INTELLIGENCE

Placing value on student effort demonstrates that perseverance rather than the outcome of the task is the key to success.

Perceived intelligence is often viewed by the student as a FIXED trait and therefore students who don't considered themselves to be "innately intelligent" might believe they don't have the required ability.


The level of effort they apply is within their control.  When effort/grit/perserverence is praised, self efficacy will consequently be associated with THE PROCESS the student took to complete the task rather than actual outcome.

Use phrases such as:

2. Set tasks that cultivate FLOW

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly refers to flow as a mental state in which self-consciousness disappears, attention is completely focused on the task at hand, and total engagement ensues.

"The ego falls away"

"Time flies"

"Your whole being is involved"

"You're using your skills to the utmost" 

Tasks should be designed specifically to challenge a student JUST beyond their current skill level. It's at this point, we see the emergence of the psychological concept of flow.

Flow/Peak arousal/engagement/performance and hence optimal learning occurs at the sweet spot between anxiety/fear and boredom/futility.

  • If the task is too difficult for the student considering their skill set, the student becomes ANXIOUS
  • If the task is too easy, BOREDOM results

The role of the teacher is to design tasks for students with this idea in mind.

3. Encourage a growth mindset

Research shows that having a growth mindset is associated with:

  • Academic achievement
  • Positive social behaviours
  • Better mental health
  • Higher self esteem
  • Better coping skills

We define a growth mindset as:

"The idea that basic ability and intelligence CAN BE DEVELOPED."

  • Students with a growth mindset perceived traits and intelligence as attributes that can be developed through hard work, perseverance on a task and collaboration with others.
  • Students with a fixed mindset view their traits as innate gifts.

We're interested in the former because it fosters a LOVE for learning, resilience and greater accomplishment!